• new art: "does he know"
• new art: "swordsman"
• added a theme selector to the sidebar
• new "pxtone" theme
• new blogpost: "Avalanche!!!"
• added avatars to the blog page.
• added "plankton's brush bonanza pack" to the downloads page
• improved link visibility
• optimized assets
• minor fixes

• new art: "candle"
• added post numbers and a new banner to the blog page.
• added an index to the misc. page
• updated the misc. page buttons
• fixed the background image's size
• minor fixes

rss feed added
• new blogpost: "I Wish I Were a Bird"
• swapped 'newsposts' spot to be the most recent blog entry
• fixed certain loading issues related to image-rendering and height attributes
• updated the about page buttons
• updated the misc. page buttons
• updated the downloads page music archives
• minor fixes

• website created