A mystery is concealed within this page! When hurtling into mystery, mysteries call up more mystery. What is a mystery without mystery when mystery proceeds? Hurtle on towards the ideal of solving all mystery! Open! Catherine! Take care of this website!
about me


my name is noo.dll, and i'm the webmaster of zona.plankton. it's a place for me to post my assorted endeavours and organize them as i please. it's also where i secretely force your computer to download eighty thousand different ransomwares... anyhow, check around and see if you like anything.
see ya!~ (*´ー`)旦

A mystery is concealed here! An endless journey, the prey protects their soul while the hunter hunts the truth. A requiem solely sung for the search! Truth is singular. It's time to go to work, Catherine! The search culminates here!