I have no patience for people who interrupt me when I’m busy doing nothing!

• new blogpost: "A Thousand Lemons (Happy New Year)"
• improved website's metadata
• added optional music for blogposts
• minor fixes

• new art: "mecha moonit(s)"
• new art: "mecha moonit"
• new song: "morning gate (demo)"
• new song: "tema de governante"
• new song: "toadstool"
• new song: "efflux"
• new song: "audrey pylon (demo)"
• minor fixes

• new art: "does he know"
• new art: "swordsman"
• new blogpost: "Avalanche!!!"
• brush pack added: "plankton's brush bonanza pack"
• added themes to the website
• minor fixes


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A Thousand Lemons (Happy New Year)
Posted on December 31st, 2022

Artist: Torn █ Album: water ~For Relaxing Time~ █ Track: Entrance █

Hi, how are you today? (∩_∩)

Did you notice that audio player underneath the post title? I thought the idea of including a song with each blog entry was very cute. I am not an auto-play person — if you ever open a page here and non-solicited bleep bloops start playing, that’s not me! You’re probably in the area.bacteria next-door (very common mix-up) — so this is an optional little thing for you, and a cool way to set the tone. I love this tune as well.

I’ve been working on some website stuff behind the scenes. There’s going to be a bigger quality-of-life focus in the next few updates, including a proper, less jank mobile layout – this time for reals. Now that we’ve gotten over the initial hurdle, it’s all about the tweaks and structuring. Once I get more comfortable with JS, then I can start breaking everything again. ‘tis the life... ( -_-)>c[_]

By the way, I forgot to say this here: along with the RSS feed, you can be up-to-date with our updates via the Twitter account
That’s it for zona.plankton news as of now. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

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I have no patience for people who interrupt me when I’m busy doing nothing!